EMB No. 3 of 5 Red Pine Top
1918 Martin #1-18
No.3  Sound Check

9 Minute Sound Check in Gothenburg, Sweden by World Class Finger-style Player Emil Ernebro......................Just Wow!!!

A Brief History of the EMB No.3/5 "Old Blues Sound" observation by Emil: Finish coated the Red Pine Top Parlor Guitar on Wednesday with Odies Wax, Strung it up on Thursday, flew to Stockholm with it Friday/Saturday. Took the 3 hour high-speed train from Stockholm to the Gothenburg Central Station on Tuesday morning 6.12.18. Then, I spent the afternoon, sitting on the audience side of the sound hole, smilin' from one ear to the other as Emil made the, "5 days from set-up, never been played before" diminutive, overachieving Parlor SING!! One of Lutherie's greatest Joys. Inspiring the Music of the Player and the Imagination of the Collector.These are built for Joy 

a GOOD surprise !

So Fun........ I wrote an article, "The Pretty Good Setup Tailpiece", for publication in The Guild of American Luthiers Quarterly Journal. Then out of the blue, I received a message from GAL Board of Directors President & Editor Extraordinaire, Tim Olsen. My four Cubist Series guitars are featured on the American Lutherie No.133 Spring 2018 cover ! For a preview and lots of other really GOOD stuff, visit The Guild's website at  www.luth.org  . I remain honored and proud to be associated, Tim. Gotta love a GOOD surprise.